Commercial Property Inspections

At ProSpec we strive to provide our commercial clients with the knowledge they need during the purchase of commercial property.

ProSpec offers ASTM property assessment inspections. We utilize the ASTM standards, as well as a wide variety of custom reporting formats to meet our client’s needs.

Our goal is to always available after the report has been received. We will answer all your questions and follow up to provide a piece of mind. Upon request, we will meet with you to discuss the findings.

Whether site inspection report, field due diligence, a site survey or detailed systems analysis, we will work with our clients to resolve any unanswered questions about a given property.

A Single Point of Contact:
Each commercial inspection is coordinated by a senior inspector from ProSpec who works directly with the client from proposal development to final delivery of the report. Depending on the level of complexity, the senior inspector will draw from a team of experts to perform specialized inspections – ranging from structural engineers to elevator specialists.

Full Range of Inspection Services:

  • Environmental Phase I inspections.
  • Research and compilation of site and building records.
  • On-site verification and evaluation for existing and under-construction properties.
  • Assessment of structural condition and mechanical systems including estimated costs for compliance.
  • Specialized or limited-scope inspections and ADA assessments.

Wide Variety of Commercial Properties Inspected:

  • Multi-unit Residential Properties.
  • Retail and Restaurant Establishments.
  • Light Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities.
  • Office Buildings. Single or Multi-Tenant.
  • Timely Delivery of Reports.

ProSpec has an excellent reputation for prompt report delivery. We realize that the commercial real estate transactions require prompt information processing. ProSpec provides comprehensive reporting and consulting services to support the acquisition of, investment property.

ProSpec scrutinizes commercial properties for many purposes, making keen observations of the subject’s general conditions; confirming tenants are in place and open for business; and that the surrounding neighborhood and market are viable and prospering; all culminating in a concise and insightful report.

The ProSpec Team specializes in onsite data collection and analysis of the general conditions of the property, the strengths and risks of the site, and description of the surrounding commerce and the impact on the subject. At ProSpec, we can provide many levels of reports and customize each report to your specific Scope of Work. Whether you need site inspections, due diligence or just aren’t sure, call ProSpec first.